“Use your own damn blog”

(If you want to campaign for the other candidate, use your own damn blog. A number of rude comments deleted.)

That’s how Rick Falkvinge explained why he deleted a lot of questions and comments sent in in response to his blog post saying people should support Christian Engström in favour of Amelia Andersdotter because Engström pays Rick Falkvinges salary. Why don’t we use my own damn blog? I’d be happy to know if someone could answer these questions, and I’d be happy to give you a comment thread to keep discussing Rick Falkvinges text. I’ll post the deleted copies I have saved copies of. Please do reply or keep discussing.


” However, only one of them funds my keynoting, writing, and evangelizing that gives ripples worlwide, and that’s Christian Engström.”

Seriously. This is bad pirate politics. In fact, this is horrendous politics. You want Engström on the top because he pays you money. You want him on top because he is the access for your own financial stability.

That’s not how we should select the top candidate as pirates. It is not about money, it is not about gender, haircolour, skincolour or what movies you prefer. This is about who is dong the best politics. And Amelia has been way more successful, being one of the youngest MEP to take seat in the parliament and has, in incredible short time worked towards real pirate values, understanding what should be the limits of technology within a moral framework. How far should one go.

I’m sorry Rick. We don’t need you. The Pirate movement has grown and your input, however charming it is, is not needed if you want to do politics in the name of money and fame.


Here I thought all members of parliaments primary concern was to get reelected. But it seems to be true for more politicians than them.

How much do you get paid by the way? Including both the salary from the parliament and other evangelist salaries you get.

Marcin de Kaminski

Seriously, Rick? It is no secret that I really admire Amelia and the work she have done during her time in the EUP. I think her tech savvy mind is what EU politics (and more importantly, the Internets) needs. However, the process of choosing who should be the PP no1 front person is not for me to decide, as I am not a member.

But this? If your main argument for voting Christian is that you want to stay on the payroll, than the concept “pirate politics” is doomed. Especially as I just heard a leaked over-heard conversation where you state that you almost brake even on your evangelism, since you claim to have managed to work out a quite substantial price tag on your shows.

Shame on you, Rick. This should be about whether Amelia or Christian is to be pushed forward as top candidated. This election is not about you.

Samir Allioui

However much i appreciate your honesty regarding your political motivators, i have to say that i’m incredibly diasappointed.
There is so many good reasons to vote for Christian, and all you come up with is “money”.

Seriously, something tells me you drank just as much prior to writing this article as you did prior to the night of founding the Swedish Pirate Party. Either that, or you are trying to draw a negative “buzz” towards you i.e are experimenting with hate marketing.


A pirate with more than 30k of debt due to Pirate Politics.


I’m with Asta on this one. I am following your site, Rick, for years, and you have inspired many people, including me, to act and to get involved in the copyright reform debate — and with solid results (to mention the anti-ACTA movement in Poland).

But this is dismal. I understand the need to finance your activities, but this is not the right reason for political decision of this weight, by no means!

In my opinion, the right person for the No 1 spot is, unsurprisingly, Amelia Andersdotter. You may believe otherwise. But the discussion should be based upon merit, not on who pays whom what.

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  1. The funny thing is that he has a large amount of bitcoins that he can sell whenever he pleases but he won’t, because of the assumed rise in value. “Juuust a liiiitlle bit moooore”… Greed :)
    I was perplexed with his post but I find it kind of charming, in a “There-must-be-something-wrong-with-Rick-way”, that he takes the time to point out that Chistian is the man to vote for if we want to have Rick left in the position he is now. I just assume that he’s borderline autistic and honest about how it all works and adds up in the end. If you want to have Rick keep doing what he does, vote Chris, if you don’t care, you don’t.
    I feel kind of sorry for him. hehe.

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