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I just talked at the Share Conference. Share Conference is seriously really cool. Rasmus Fleischer summarized the event good by saying that he doesn’t really know what here is about technology, what is about art and what is about politics. That’s probably one of the things that makes this event really cool. Also, there’s really great speakers. All the time. Also, this place is full of friends. Maybe not in the very literal way Peter Sunde means (since I’m pretty new in these circles) but in the discussions. There’s nothing but building, copying and sharing here.

So I had a talk! I’ll try to summarize the important parts:

* The Pirate Parties are reformists who love copyright. Vegans are cool.

* Copying is holy. Internet is transhumanism.

* We work a lot with just-in-time-theology. I might have announced a death fatwa over the country of Malta in the heat of the moment. I’m not really sure. But who cares about Malta?

* Forks are cool. The Church of Kopimism has been forked really much, which is cool. My favoutites are the DMK(r), The satanic cult of White Star Kopimism and the emacs fork. Forking is kopimi and anarchy.

* Intellectual remix arises when you unite artists, philosophers and engineers – defined in a very broad sense. Kopimi is essentially intellectual remix.

* The copyright paradigm sucks. No, like, really sucks. There are similarities between the copyright paradigm and the state catholic church paradigm. I never spoke about the inquisition.

* Should we rethink the liberal approach to how we define politics, and what we define as not-politics (like religion)?


I hope the recording will be out soon. Here’s the presentation. Please steal my talk. Abuse it. Mix it. Redo it. Don’t credit me. Don’t ask me for permission for anything.


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