Swedish MP to criminalize encryption

Swedish member of parliament Johan Pehrson is infamous for his love for using police methods to solve any problem. In the discussion about the Data Retention Directive in Sweden, he’s now opened up the question of criminalizing the use of encryption. I can’t even tell what a madness this is. This actually feel so unrealistic to me, that I can’t even relate the tiniest bit to this piece of information with anything but laughter. But I’ll try to deal with just some of the problems here.

How is this law meant to be enforced? Even if you manage to find the people using encryptions, are you planning to storm their houses? Or are you going to enforce this law server-side, sending Interpol on all the groups that make sure encryption is possible? Pehrson need to choose here, is he going to spend billions of dollars on the international police, or promote the entrepreneurship in encrpytion companies? Why not do both? By creating a global hunt for encryption companies, the encryption companies will probably have to buy security from somewhere.

How will I defend myself against my ISP? Without encryption, the ISP will be able to read all of my mails, my bank data, my gaming customs and my chatting. Will you make sure total transparency is not only something I give the state of Sweden, but also my ISP?

Will they ask China for guidelines and strategies? Could be helpful.

2 thoughts on “Swedish MP to criminalize encryption

  1. Not only do you need to trust your ISP. You also need to trust anyone sitting on the same wifi as you or whoever you are talking to. (or anyone having access to a router/switch/hub between you).

    He truly is creating millions of jobs! In cybercrime! How beautiful the net would be without encryption… save and fluffy.

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